Wednesday 23 May 2012

Earn money by browsing the web!!

In A Hurry? Just Want To Make Money The
Quickest Way Possible With MyBrowserCash?
Simply follow this step by step plan for earning a passive income with MyBrowserCash.
Step 1. If you haven't already, install the MyBrowserCash Software.
Step 2. Click Account Settings and set your Ad Frequency to High then click Update Settings.
Step 3. Complete a few Offers for CASH. What are quick and easy offers to complete that don't need personal information? Click the Complete offers for cash link then scroll down under the Quick Category Selector. This tells you which offers are the easiest to complete. Do this until you have earned at least $5 in your account balance.
Step 4. Transfer your account balance to your purchase balance by clicking here (only after your account balance is at least $1).
Step 5. Rent Referrals.
Step 6. Go about browsing as you normally do, earning money by viewing, clicking or taking an action on our ads. 80% of our ads are branded with "MyBrowserCash".
The other 20% are seemlessely places on sites you visit and you won't even know they are our ads, but you may earn by simply viewing them.
Step 7. Rinse and repeat.
Step 8. (optional). Upgrade Your Account To Silver or Gold to start earning more from your referrals.

If you want to see some payment proof go to